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Jacqueline's Originals uses two primary shippers:
     United Parcel Service
     United States Postal Service
It is our policy to ship product to our customers in the most economical way possible.
The Jacqueline's Originals website relys on an automatic matrix provided by each carrier to determine the shipping charges shown on customer orders at checkout.  In all cases the charges are based on weight, size of package(s), and shipping distance from Newtown, CT.
In some cases the shipping charges calculated by the carriers' matrix may not take into account our packaging practices.  Therefore Jacqueline's Originals, at its sole discretion may rebate or adjust certain shipping charges.
Jacqueline's Originals does provide a Drop Ship service under certain circumstances.  A fee of $4.00 per box will be added to the shipping charge and will be identified as a "Drop Ship Fee"
All questions regarding shipping charges or any other concern related to our Shipping Policy should be directed to:

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